Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 5. Methods of Nomination Other Than by Primary Election

Independent Or Minor Party Candidates For President Or Vice President

13-10-504. Independent or minor party candidates for president or vice president. (1) An individual who desires to run for president or vice president as an independent candidate or as a candidate of a party not qualified under 13-10-601 shall file a petition for nomination with the secretary of state 76 days prior to the date of the general election.

(2) The petition and the affidavits of circulation required by 13-27-302 must first be submitted, at least 1 week before the deadline for filing, to the election administrator in the county where the signer resides for verification and certification by the procedures provided in 13-27-303 through 13-27-306.

(3) The petition must have the signatures of electors equal to 5% or more of the total votes cast for the successful candidate for governor at the last general election or 5,000 electors, whichever is less. The names of the candidates for the required number of presidential electors allowable to Montana must be certified to the secretary of state no later than 76 days before the general election.

(4) A qualified independent presidential candidate may amend the petition and designate or choose a named vice presidential candidate until the filing date provided in 13-25-101.

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