Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Procedure at Polling Place

Display Of Instructions For Electors

13-13-112. Display of instructions for electors. (1) Except as provided in subsection (3), instructions for electors on how to prepare their ballots or use a voting system must be posted in each voting station provided for the preparation of ballots.

(2) The instructions must be in easily read type, 18 point or larger, and explain:

(a) how to obtain ballots for voting;

(b) how to prepare ballots, including how to:

(i) cast a valid vote, including a valid vote for a write-in candidate;

(ii) correct a mistake; and

(iii) ensure the proper disposition of the ballot after the elector is finished voting;

(c) how to obtain a new ballot in place of one spoiled by accident; and

(d) how to vote provisionally pursuant to 13-13-601.

(3) The information required in subsection (2) must also be posted at each polling place along with the election date, the hours the polls are open, and instructions for mail-in registrants and first-time voters.

(4) If the instructions for use of a voting system are printed on the system or are part of a ballot package given to each elector, separate instructions need not be posted in the voting station.

(5) Sample ballots, clearly marked "sample" across the face, must be posted in at least one conspicuous location at each polling place. If an election administrator has the capacity to print a larger version of a sample ballot, a sample ballot must be printed and displayed in a size larger than an actual ballot.

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