Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Vote Count Procedures

Items To Be Delivered To Election Administrator By Election Judges -- Disposition Of Other Items

13-15-205. Items to be delivered to election administrator by election judges -- disposition of other items. (1) Before they adjourn, the election judges shall enclose in a strong envelope or package, securely fastened:

(a) the precinct register;

(b) the list of individuals challenged;

(c) the pollbook;

(d) both of the tally sheets.

(2) The election judges shall enclose in a separate container, securely sealed, all unused ballots with the numbered stubs attached.

(3) The election judges shall enclose in a separate container, securely sealed, all ballots voted, including those not counted or allowed, and detached stubs from all counted or rejected absentee ballots. This envelope must be endorsed on the outside "ballots voted". At the primary election the unvoted party ballots must be enclosed in a separate container, securely sealed, and marked on the outside "unvoted ballots".

(4) Each election judge shall sign the judge's name across all seals.

(5) The return form provided for in 13-15-101 must be returned with the items provided for in this section but may not be sealed in any of the containers.

(6) The containers required by this section must be delivered to the election administrator by the chief election judge or another judge appointed by the chief judge in the manner ordered by the election administrator.

(7) The election administrator shall instruct the chief election judge in writing on the proper disposition of all other election materials and supplies.

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