Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 4. County Canvass

Declaration Or Certification Of Results

13-15-405. Declaration or certification of results. (1) The board shall declare nominated or elected the individuals having the highest number of votes cast for each county and precinct office, except as provided in 13-10-204.

(2) The board shall proclaim the adoption or rejection of a county ballot issue.

(3) The board shall certify the results of the canvass of votes cast for individuals for political subdivision offices and for and against political subdivision ballot issues to the governing body of each political subdivision participating in the election.

(4) If there is a tie vote for a county office, an office of a political subdivision wholly within the county, a precinct office, or a ballot issue voted on only in that county or portion of that county, the board shall certify the vote to the election administrator.

(5) The board shall certify the results of the canvass of votes cast for justice of the peace, city judge, and municipal court judge to the supreme court in order to ensure compliance with 3-1-1502 or 3-1-1503.

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