Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Recount Procedure

Procedure For Recounting Paper Ballots

13-16-412. Procedure for recounting paper ballots. To conduct a recount of paper ballots:

(1) the election administrator shall provide to the recount board, unopened, each sealed package or envelope received from the election judges of the precinct or precincts in which a recount is ordered, containing all the paper ballots voted in the precinct or precincts;

(2) a member of the recount board shall open each sealed package or envelope and remove the ballots, and the board shall count the votes on each ballot manually in the manner provided in 13-15-206(2), except that if the office to be recounted is on a partisan primary election ballot, votes are recounted only on the party ballots that are subject to the recount; and

(3) the recount must be tallied on previously prepared tally sheets. The tally sheets must show the names of the respective candidates, the office or offices for which a recount is made, and the number of each election precinct.

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