Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 2. Preparation for Use of Systems

Publication Of Information Concerning Voting Systems

13-17-203. Publication of information concerning voting systems. (1) Not more than 10 or less than 2 days before an election at which a voting system will be used by voters, the election administrator shall broadcast on radio or television, as provided in 2-3-105 through 2-3-107, or publish in a newspaper of general circulation in the county:

(a) a diagram showing the voting system to be used by voters and a sample of the ballot layout (in newspaper only);

(b) a statement of the locations where voting systems to be used by voters are on public exhibition; and

(c) instructions on how to vote.

(2) The election administrator shall select the method of notification that the election administrator believes is best suited to reach the largest number of potential electors.

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