Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Election Procedure

Places Of Deposit -- Poll Watchers Authorized

13-19-307. Places of deposit -- poll watchers authorized. (1) (a) The election administrator shall designate the election administrator's office and may designate one or more places in the political subdivision in which the election is being conducted as places of deposit where ballots may be returned in person by the elector or the elector's agent or designee.

(b) If the election administrator's office is not accessible pursuant to 13-3-205, the election administrator shall designate at least one accessible place of deposit.

(2) Prior to election day, ballots may be returned to any designated place of deposit during the days and times set by the election administrator and within the regular business hours of the location.

(3) On election day, each location designated as a place of deposit must be open as provided in 13-1-106, and ballots may be returned during those hours.

(4) The election administrator may designate certain locations as election day places of deposit, and any designated location functions as a place of deposit only on election day.

(5) Each place of deposit must be staffed by at least two election officials who, except for election judges serving in elections under Title 20, chapter 20, are selected in the same manner as provided for the selection of election judges in 13-4-102.

(6) The election administrator shall provide each designated place of deposit with an official ballot transport box secured as provided by law.

(7) Poll watchers must be allowed as provided in 13-13-120 and 13-13-121 at each place of deposit during the days and times that the place of deposit is open for the return of ballots.

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