Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Election Procedure

Notice To Elector -- Opportunity To Resolve Questions

13-19-313. Notice to elector -- opportunity to resolve questions. Notice to the elector and the opportunity to resolve questions must be as provided in 13-13-245, except as follows:

(1) If a mail ballot is returned as undeliverable, the election administrator shall attempt to contact the elector by the most expedient means available to determine the reason for the return and mail a confirmation notice if the elector cannot be contacted otherwise. The notice must be sent by forwardable, first-class mail with a postage-paid, return-addressed notice.

(2) If the confirmation notice is returned to the election administrator, the election administrator shall place the elector on the inactive list provided for in 13-2-220 until the elector becomes a qualified elector. In order to become a qualified voter, an elector shall follow the procedure in 13-2-222 or 13-2-304, as applicable.

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