Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Adoption Of Rules On Electronic Registration And Voting -- Acceptance Of Funds

13-21-104. Adoption of rules on electronic registration and voting -- acceptance of funds. (1) The secretary of state shall adopt reasonable rules under the rulemaking provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act to implement this chapter. The rules are binding upon election administrators.

(2) The rules must provide that:

(a) there are uniform statewide standards concerning electronic registration and voting;

(b) regular absentee ballots for a primary, general, or special election are available in a format that allows the ballot to be electronically transmitted to a covered voter as soon as the ballots are available pursuant to 13-13-205;

(c) a covered voter may register and vote up to the time that the polls close on election day;

(d) a covered voter is allowed to cast a provisional ballot if there is a question about the elector's registration information or eligibility to vote;

(e) a covered voter with a digital signature is allowed the option of using the digital signature as provided in 13-21-107; and

(f) a ballot cast by a covered voter and transmitted electronically will remain secret, as required by Article IV, section 1, of the Montana constitution. This subsection (2)(f) does not prohibit the adoption of rules establishing administrative procedures on how electronically transmitted votes must be transcribed to an official ballot. However, the rules must be designed to protect the accuracy, integrity, and secrecy of the process.

(3) The secretary of state may apply for and receive a grant of funds from any agency or office of the United States government or from any other public or private source and may use the money for the purpose of implementing this chapter.

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