Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Form of Petitions

Petition For Referendum

13-27-205. Petition for referendum. (1) The following is substantially the form for a petition calling for approval or rejection of an act of the legislature by the referendum:


(a) If 5% of the voters in each of 34 legislative representative districts sign this petition and the total number of voters signing the petition is ____, Senate (House) Bill Number ____ will appear on the next general election ballot. If a majority of voters vote for this referendum at that election it will become law.

(b) We, the undersigned Montana voters, propose that the secretary of state place the following Senate (House) Bill Number ____, passed by the legislature on ____________ on the next general election ballot:

(Title of referendum written pursuant to 13-27-312)
(Statement of purpose and implication written pursuant to 13-27-312)
(Yes and no statements written pursuant to 13-27-312)

(c) Voters are urged to read the complete text of the referendum, which appears (on the reverse side of, attached to, etc., as applicable) this sheet. A signature on this petition is only to put the referendum on the ballot and does not necessarily mean the signer agrees with the referendum.



A person who purposefully signs a name other than the person's own to this petition, who signs more than once for the same issue at one election, or signs when not a legally registered Montana voter is subject to a $500 fine, 6 months in jail, or both.

(e) Each person is required to sign the person's name and list the person's address or telephone number in substantially the same manner as on the person's voter registration form or the signature will not be counted.

(2) Numbered lines must follow the heading. Each numbered line must contain spaces for the signature, date, residence address, legislative representative district number, and printed last name and first and middle initials of the signer. In place of a residence address, the signer may provide the signer's post-office address or the signer's home telephone number. An address provided on a petition by the signer that differs from the signer's address as shown on the signer's voter registration form may not be used as the only means to disqualify the signature of that petition signer.

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