Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Voter Information Pamphlets

Voter Information Pamphlet

13-27-401. Voter information pamphlet. (1) The secretary of state shall prepare for printing a voter information pamphlet containing information relevant to the election, including but not limited to the following information for each statewide ballot issue to be voted on at an election, as applicable:

(a) ballot title, fiscal statement if applicable, and complete text of the issue;

(b) the form in which the issue will appear on the ballot;

(c) arguments advocating approval and rejection of the issue; and

(d) rebuttal arguments.

(2) The pamphlet must also contain a notice advising the recipient as to where additional copies of the pamphlet may be obtained.

(3) Whenever more than one statewide ballot issue is to be voted on at a single election, the secretary of state may publish a single pamphlet for all of the statewide ballot issues. The secretary of state may arrange the information in the order that seems most appropriate, but the information for all statewide ballot issues in the pamphlet must be presented in the same order.

(4) The secretary of state may prescribe by rule the format and manner of submission of the arguments concerning the statewide ballot issue.

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