Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Campaign Finance

Deputy Campaign Treasurers

13-37-202. Deputy campaign treasurers. (1) A campaign treasurer may appoint deputy campaign treasurers, but not more than one in each county in which the campaign is conducted. Each candidate, political committee, and joint fundraising committee shall certify the full name and complete address of the campaign treasurer and all deputy campaign treasurers with the office with whom the candidate, political committee, or joint fundraising committee is required to file reports.

(2) Deputy campaign treasurers may exercise any of the powers and duties of a campaign treasurer as set forth in this chapter when specifically authorized in writing to do so by the campaign treasurer and the candidate, in the case of a candidate, or the campaign treasurer and the presiding officer of the political committee or the joint fundraising committee, in the case of a political committee or a joint fundraising committee. The written authorization must be maintained as a part of the records required to be kept by the treasurer, as specified in 13-37-208.

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