Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Committee Structure

Committee Representatives As Party Representatives -- County And City Central Committees

13-38-202. Committee representatives as party representatives -- county and city central committees. (1) Each committee representative shall represent the representative's political party for the precinct in all ward or subdivision committees formed.

(2) The committee representatives in each precinct constitute the county central committee of the respective political parties.

(3) Committee representatives who reside within the limits of a city are ex officio the city central committee of their respective political parties and have the power to make their own rules not inconsistent with those of the county central committee. However, the county central committee has the power to fill vacancies in the city central committee.

(4) Each precinct committee representative serves a term of 2 years from the date of election or appointment pursuant to 13-38-201. Once the term has expired, the position becomes vacant.

(5) Vacancies in the office of precinct committee representative occur only on the death or written resignation of the incumbent or when the incumbent is no longer a resident or registered voter of the precinct. A precinct committee representative may not otherwise be removed from office. If a vacancy occurs, the remaining members of the county central committee may select a precinct resident to fill the vacancy.

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