Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Investigation and Hearings

Investigations By Department

15-1-301. Investigations by department. (1) The department of revenue may examine all cases where evasion or violation of the laws for taxation of property, proceeds, occupation, or business is alleged, complained of, or discovered and ascertain wherein existing laws are ineffective or are improperly or negligently administered.

(2) (a) The department may inspect and examine or cause an inspection and examination of the records of the officers of any municipality whenever such officer has failed, neglected, or refused to return properly the information required by 15-1-201 within the time set by the department. Upon completion of such inspection and examination, the department shall transmit to the clerk or other proper official of the municipality a statement of the expenses incurred by the department to secure the necessary information. Within 60 days after the receipt by the municipality of the above statement, the same shall be audited as other claims of the municipal corporation are audited and shall be paid into the state treasury. If the statement is not paid, the attorney general shall institute an action in the proper court against the municipality to recover the same.

(b) The officers responsible for the furnishing of the information collected pursuant to 15-1-201 shall be jointly and severally liable for any loss the municipality may suffer through their delinquency. No payment may be made to them for salary or on any other account until the cost of such inspection and examination as provided above has been paid into the treasury or to the proper officers of such municipality. They shall also be subject to the other fines and penalties as prescribed by law.

(3) The department may require persons to furnish information concerning their capital, funded or other debt, current assets and liabilities, cost and value of property, earnings, operating and other expenses, taxes, and all other facts which may enable the department to ascertain the value of the relative burdens borne by all kinds of property and occupations in the state.

(4) The department may summon witnesses to appear and give evidence and to produce records, books, papers, and documents relating to any matter which the department has authority to investigate and determine.

(5) In any matter which the department has authority to investigate and determine, it may cause the deposition of witnesses residing within or without the state or absent therefrom to be taken upon notice to the interested party, if any, in like manner that depositions are taken in actions pending in the district court.

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