Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Classification

Class Nine Property -- Description -- Taxable Percentage

15-6-141. Class nine property -- description -- taxable percentage. (1) Class nine property includes:

(a) centrally assessed allocations of an electric power company or centrally assessed allocations of an electric power company that owns or operates transmission or distribution facilities or both;

(b) if congress passes legislation that allows the state to tax property owned by an agency created by congress to transmit or distribute electrical energy, allocations of properties constructed, owned, or operated by a public agency created by congress to transmit or distribute electrical energy produced at privately owned generating facilities, not including rural electric cooperatives;

(c) rural electric cooperatives' property, except wind generation facilities, biomass generation facilities, and energy storage facilities classified under 15-6-157 and property used for headquarters, office, shop, or other similar facilities, used for the sole purpose of serving customers representing less than 95% of the electric consumers located within the incorporated limits of a city or town of more than 3,500 persons in which a centrally assessed electric power company also owns property or serving an incorporated municipality with a population that is greater than 3,500 persons formerly served by a public utility that after January 1, 1998, received service from the facilities of an electric cooperative;

(d) allocations for centrally assessed natural gas distribution utilities, rate-regulated natural gas transmission or oil transmission pipelines regulated by either the public service commission or the federal energy regulatory commission, a common carrier pipeline as defined in 69-13-101, a pipeline carrier as defined in 49 U.S.C. 15102(2), or the gas gathering facilities specified in 15-6-138(5); and

(e) centrally assessed companies' allocations except:

(i) electrical generation facilities classified under 15-6-156;

(ii) all property classified under 15-6-157;

(iii) all property classified under 15-6-158 and 15-6-159;

(iv) property owned by cooperative rural electric and cooperative rural telephone associations and classified under 15-6-135;

(v) property owned by organizations providing telephone communications to rural areas and classified under 15-6-135;

(vi) railroad transportation property included in 15-6-145;

(vii) airline transportation property included in 15-6-145;

(viii) telecommunications property included in 15-6-156; and

(ix) all property classified under 15-6-163.

(2) Class nine property is taxed at 12% of market value.

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