Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Tax-Exempt Property

Community Services Buildings Exempt

15-6-209. Community services buildings exempt. (1) The building and appurtenant land, not exceeding 3 acres, owned by a nonprofit community service organization is exempt from property taxation, except as provided in subsections (4) and (5), if the organization:

(a) is a lodge of a nationally recognized fraternal organization;

(b) (i) furnishes services to senior citizens in the form of daytime or evening educational or recreational activities that are recognized in the state plan on aging adopted by the department of public health and human services; and

(ii) does not furnish living accommodations to senior citizens; or

(c) primarily furnishes facilities without charge, except that a minimal fee may be charged for janitorial services, for public meetings and entertainments.

(2) An applicant for exemption under this section shall demonstrate that it has been an active community service organization continuously from January 1, 1981.

(3) A community service organization exempted under this section may sell food and beverages under license from the state.

(4) A building and land exempted under this section must be appraised, assessed, and subject to levies for any special improvement district if the special improvement directly benefits the building or land.

(5) The exemption provided under this section may not be extended to any property owned by a community service organization described in this section that is leased in whole or in part to any person for business or profitmaking purposes.

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