Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Attachment of Tax Lien


15-17-121. Definitions. Except as otherwise specifically provided, when terms mentioned in Title 15, chapters 17 and 18, are used in connection with taxation, they are defined in the following manner:

(1) "Assignee" means a person, other than the person to whom the property is assessed, who pays the delinquent taxes, including penalties, interest, and costs, and receives a tax lien certificate representing a lien on the property and an assignment certificate.

(2) "Assignment certificate" means the document described in 15-17-323.

(3) (a) "Cost" means the cost incurred by the county as a result of a taxpayer's failure to pay taxes when due. It includes but is not limited to any actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the county plus the administrative cost of:

(i) preparing the list of delinquent taxes;

(ii) preparing the notice of pending attachment of a tax lien;

(iii) assigning the county's interest in a tax lien to a third party;

(iv) identifying interested persons entitled to notice of the pending issuance of a tax deed;

(v) notifying interested persons;

(vi) sale or resale;

(vii) issuing the tax deed; and

(viii) any other administrative task associated with accounting for or collecting delinquent taxes.

(b) The term includes costs that are required by law and incurred by an assignee. The county treasurer may require the assignee to provide receipts or may allow the assignee to provide a notarized affidavit of costs to the county treasurer upon issuance of a tax lien certificate as required in 15-17-125 and notification that a tax deed may be issued as required by 15-18-212, 15-18-216, and 15-18-219. A county treasurer may at any time require an assignee who provided an affidavit of costs to submit the receipted costs upon which the affidavit was based.

(c) The term does not include interest for payments for the following:

(i) postage for certified mailings and certified mailings with return receipt requested;

(ii) a title search, to the extent necessary to identify interested persons entitled to notice of the pending issuance or auction of a tax deed;

(iii) publishing costs for required publications; and

(iv) filing costs for proof of notice.

(4) "County" means any county government and includes those classified as consolidated governments.

(5) (a) "Dwelling" means a house or other structure intended for human habitation, including buildings attached to the dwelling.

(b) The term does not include a dwelling that is not on a permanent foundation and that is classified by the department of revenue as personal property.

(6) "Property tax lien" or "tax lien" means a lien attached by the county for nonpayment of property taxes, including penalties, interest, and costs.

(7) "Tax", "taxes", or "property taxes" means all ad valorem property taxes, property assessments, fees related to property, and assessments for special improvement districts and rural special improvement districts.

(8) "Tax lien certificate" means the document described in 15-17-125.

(9) "Tax lien sale" means, with respect to personal property, the offering for sale by the county treasurer of personal property on which the taxes are delinquent or other personal property on which the delinquent taxes are a lien.

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