Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Railroads

Assessment Of Railroads

15-23-204. Assessment of railroads. The president, secretary, or managing agent or such other officer as the department of revenue may designate of any corporation and each person or association of persons owning or operating any railroad in more than one county in this state or more than one state must on or before April 15 each year furnish the department a statement signed and sworn to by one of such officers or by the person or one of the persons forming such association, showing in detail for the year ending December 31 immediately preceding:

(1) the whole number of miles of railroad in the state and, where the line is partly out of the state, the whole number of miles without the state and the whole number within the state, owned or operated by such corporation, person, or association;

(2) the value of the roadway, roadbed, and rails of the whole railroad and the value of the same within the state;

(3) the width of the right-of-way;

(4) the number of each kind of all rolling stock used by such corporation, person, or association in operating the entire railroad, including the part without the state;

(5) the number, kind, and value of rolling stock owned and operated in the state;

(6) the number, kind, and value of rolling stock used in the state but not owned by the party making the returns;

(7) the number, kind, and value of rolling stock owned but used out of the state, either upon divisions of road operated by the party making the returns or by and upon other railroads;

(8) the whole number of sidetracks in each county, including the number of miles of track in each railroad yard in the state;

(9) the number of each kind of rolling stock used in operating the entire railroad, including the part without the state, which must include a detailed statement of the number and value thereof of all engines; passenger, mail, express, baggage, freight, and other cars; or property owned or leased by such corporation, person, or association;

(10) the number of sleeping and dining cars not owned by such corporation, person, or association but used in operating the railroads of such corporation, person, or association in the state or on the line of the road without the state during each month of the year for which the return is made; also the number of miles each month the cars have been run or operated within and without the state;

(11) a description of the road, giving the points of entrance into and the points of exit from each county, with a statement of the number of miles in each county. When a description of the road has once been given, no other annual description thereof is necessary unless the road has been changed. Whenever the road or any portion of the road is advertised to be sold or is sold for taxes, either state or county, no other description is necessary than that given by, and the same is conclusive upon, the person, corporation, or association giving the description. No assessment is invalid on account of a misdescription of the railroad or the right-of-way for the same. If such statement is not furnished as above provided, the assessment made by the department upon the property of the corporation, person, or association failing to furnish the statement is conclusive and final.

(12) the gross earnings of the entire road;

(13) the gross earnings of the road within the state and, if the railroad is let to other operators, how much was derived by the lessor as rental;

(14) the cost of operating the entire road, exclusive of sinking fund, expenses of land department, and money paid to the United States;

(15) net income for such year and amount of dividend declared;

(16) capital stock authorized;

(17) capital stock paid in;

(18) funded debt;

(19) number of shares authorized;

(20) number of shares of stock issued;

(21) number, kind, and total number of miles traveled within the state by railroad cars owned by railroad car companies; and

(22) any other facts the department may require.

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