Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Mines Net Proceeds

Net Proceeds Tax -- Statement Of Yield

15-23-502. Net proceeds tax -- statement of yield. Every person engaged in mining, extracting, or producing from any quartz vein or lode, placer claim, dump or tailings, or other place or source whatever precious stones or gems, vermiculite, or other valuable mineral, except bentonite, coal, and metals, must on or before March 31 each year make out a statement of the gross yield and value of the above-named metals or minerals from each mine owned or worked by the person during the year preceding January 1 of the year in which the statement is made. The statement must be in the form prescribed by the department of revenue and must be verified by the oath of the person completing the statement or the manager, superintendent, agent, president, or vice-president, if a corporation, association, or partnership, and must be delivered to the department on or before March 31. Except as provided in 15-23-515 through 15-23-518, the statement must show the following:

(1) the name and address of the owner or lessee or operator of the mine, together with the names and addresses of any and all persons owning or claiming any royalty interest in the mineral product of the mine or the proceeds derived from the sale of products, and the amount or amounts paid or yielded as royalty to each of the persons during the period covered by the statement;

(2) the description and location of the mine;

(3) the number of tons of ore or other mineral products or deposits extracted, produced, and treated or sold from the mine during the period covered by the statement;

(4) the amount and character of the ores, mineral products, or deposits and the yield of the ores, mineral products, or deposits from the mine in constituents of commercial value; that is, commercially valuable constituents of the ores, mineral products, or deposits, measured by standard units of measurement, yielded to the person engaged in mining and to each royalty holder, if any, during the period covered by the statement;

(5) the gross yield or value in dollars and cents;

(6) cost of extracting from the mine;

(7) cost of transporting to place of reduction or sale;

(8) cost of reduction or sale;

(9) cost of marketing the product and conversion of the product into money;

(10) cost of construction, repairs, and betterments of mines and cost of repairs and replacements of reduction works;

(11) the assessed valuation of reduction works for the calendar year for which the return is made;

(12) cost of fire insurance, workers' compensation insurance, boiler and machinery insurance, and public liability insurance paid for the mine, reduction works, or beneficiation process;

(13) cost of welfare and retirement fund payments provided for in wage contracts;

(14) cost of testing extracted minerals for the purpose of satisfying federal or state health and safety laws or regulations, the cost of plant security in Montana, the cost of assaying and sampling the extracted minerals, and the costs incurred in Montana for engineering and geological services for existing mining operations but not including any services beyond the stage of reduction and beneficiation of the minerals; and

(15) cost of mine reclamation.

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