Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 25. Estimated Tax and Withholding

Annual Statement By Employer

15-30-2507. Annual statement by employer. (1) Every employer shall, on or before January 31 in each year, file with the department a wage and tax statement for each employee in the form and summarizing information as the department requires, including the total wages paid to the employee during the preceding calendar year or any part of the calendar year and showing the total amount of the federal income tax deducted and withheld from the wages and the total amount of the tax deducted and withheld from the wages under the provisions of 15-30-2501 through 15-30-2509.

(2) The annual statement filed by an employer with respect to the wage payments reported constitutes full compliance with the requirements of 15-30-2616 relating to the duties of information agents, and additional information return is not required with respect to the wage payments.

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