Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 26. Collection and Administration

Judicial Review

15-30-2608. Judicial review. (1) The determination of the Montana tax appeal board may be reviewed in the district court for Lewis and Clark County or the county in which the taxpayer resides or in which the taxpayer's principal office or place of business is located by a complaint filed by the taxpayer or the department within 60 days after the receipt of notice of the determination. Proceedings for review must be otherwise as specified under the Montana Administrative Procedure Act.

(2) The remedies provided by this chapter for the collection of the tax must be stayed, and an assessment, distraint, or proceedings in court for collection of the taxes may not be made, begun, or prosecuted until 90 days after the court action is finally determined. From any determination of the court, an appeal to the supreme court may be taken by either party.

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