Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Administration and Collection

Subpoenas -- Investigation Of Income, And Shifting

15-31-505. Subpoenas -- investigation of income, and shifting. (1) Jurisdiction is hereby conferred upon the district court of the first judicial district of the state of Montana in and for the county of Lewis and Clark to compel attendance of witnesses to testify before the department of revenue, together with the production of books and such other testimony by appropriate process.

(2) When the department has reason to believe that the business of any corporation is so conducted as either directly or indirectly to distort the true net income of the corporation and the net income properly attributable to this state, whether by the arbitrary shifting of income through price fixing, charges for service, or otherwise, whereby the net income is arbitrarily assigned to one or another corporation carrying on business under a substantially common control, it may require the disclosure of such facts as it deems necessary for the proper computation of the entire net income and the net income properly attributable to this state, and in determining the same, the department shall have regard to the fair profits which would normally arise from the conduct of the business.

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