Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Administration and Collection

Reviver Of Corporation After Suspension Or Forfeiture

15-31-524. Reviver of corporation after suspension or forfeiture. A corporation that has suffered the suspension or forfeiture referred to in 15-31-523 may be relieved upon making application in writing supported by a certificate from the department showing that the required return has been made and filed and that the tax and interest and penalties have been paid, for which the suspension or forfeiture occurred. Application for reviver may be made by any stockholder or creditor of the corporation or by a majority of the surviving trustees or directors. The application must be filed with the secretary of state and must be accompanied by a filing and recording fee of $15. If the application is made more than 1 year after the date the suspension or forfeiture occurred, the applicant shall pay twice the amount of the tax and penalties due the state for the tax year with respect to which the suspension or forfeiture occurred. Upon payment, the secretary of state shall issue a certificate of reviver for which the secretary of state shall collect a fee of $15, and upon issuance of the certificate, the applicant is revived. The reviver is without prejudice to any action, defense, or right that has accrued by reason of the original suspension or forfeiture. The certificate of reviver is prima facie evidence of the reviver. A certificate of reviver provided for in this section may be recorded in the office of the county clerk and recorder in any county of this state.

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