Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Scope of Code and Exemptions

Preparations Not Subject To Code

16-1-202. Preparations not subject to code. (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, nothing in this code, by reason only that a preparation contains alcohol, prevents the manufacture, sale, purchase, or consumption of any:

(a) extract, essence, or tincture or other preparation containing alcohol that is prepared according to a formula of the United States Pharmacopoeia; or

(b) proprietary or patent medicine.

(2) The department, if of the opinion that any proprietary or patent medicine, extract, essence, tincture, or preparation that contains alcohol or any other preparation of a solid, semisolid, or liquid nature that contains alcohol can be used or that an extract from the substance can be used as a beverage or as the ingredient of a beverage, may prohibit the retail sale or the possession of the substance for retail sale within the state, except by an agency liquor store or by persons licensed by the department to keep and sell the substance by retail in accordance with this code and the regulations made under this code.

(3) The department shall notify the manufacturer or vendor of the proprietary or patent medicine, extract, essence, tincture, or preparation of the prohibition.

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