Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Department of Revenue Powers, Duties, and Limitations

Functions, Powers, And Duties Of Department

16-1-302. Functions, powers, and duties of department. The department has the following functions, duties, and powers:

(1) to buy, import, have in its possession for sale, and sell liquors;

(2) to control the possession, sale, and delivery of liquors in accordance with the provisions of this code;

(3) to determine the municipalities where agency liquor stores are to be established throughout the state and the situation of the stores within these municipalities;

(4) to lease, furnish, and equip any building or land required to administer its duties under this code;

(5) to buy or lease plants and equipment necessary to administer its duties under this code;

(6) to employ the necessary employees required to administer this code and to dismiss them, assign them their title, and define their respective duties and powers and to contract with the department of justice for investigative services and to receive and process, but not grant or deny, applications or to contract for the services of experts and persons engaged in the practice of a profession, if appropriate. If the department contracts for the receipt and processing of an application by the department of justice, the application must state that it is to be filed with the department of justice.

(7) to determine the nature, form, and capacity of all packages to be used for containing alcoholic beverages kept or sold under this code;

(8) to grant and issue licenses and permits under this code;

(9) to place special restrictions and allowances on the use of a particular license, which must be endorsed on the face of the license, if the special restrictions and allowances are made pursuant to a hearing held in connection with the issuance of the license or if the special restrictions and allowances are agreed to by the licensee;

(10) without limiting or being limited by the foregoing, to do all things necessary to administer this code or rules.

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