Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Official Controls

Unlawful Sales Solicitation Or Advertising -- Exceptions

16-3-103. Unlawful sales solicitation or advertising -- exceptions. (1) A person within the state may not:

(a) canvass for, receive, take, or solicit orders for the purchase or sale of any liquor or act as agent or intermediary for the sale or purchase of any liquor or be represented as an agent or intermediary unless permitted to do so under rules that are promulgated by the department to govern the activities;

(b) canvass for or solicit orders for the purchase or sale of any beer except in the case of beer proposed to be sold to beer licensees duly authorized to sell beer under the provisions of this code;

(c) exhibit, publish, or display or permit to be exhibited, published, or displayed any form of advertisement or any other announcement, publication, or price list of or concerning liquor or where or from whom the same may be had, obtained, or purchased unless permitted to do so by the rules of the department and then only in accordance with the rules.

(2) This section does not apply to:

(a) the department, any act of the department, any agency liquor store;

(b) the sale and serving of beer and table wine in the grandstand and bleacher area of a county fairground or public sports arena under a special permit issued pursuant to 16-4-301 or a catering endorsement issued pursuant to 16-4-111 or 16-4-204; or

(c) the sale of alcohol at a sporting event conducted at a Montana university as provided in 16-4-112.

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