Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Beer and Wine Licenses

Beer Retailer's License -- Application And Issuance -- Check Of Alcoholic Content By Department

16-4-104. Beer retailer's license -- application and issuance -- check of alcoholic content by department. (1) Any person desiring to possess and have beer for the purpose of retail sale under the provisions of this code shall first apply to the department for a permit to do so and submit with the application the license fee.

(2) Upon being satisfied, from the application or otherwise, that the applicant is qualified, the department shall issue a license to the person. The license must at all times be prominently displayed in the place of business of the person.

(3) If the department finds that the applicant is not qualified, a license may not be granted and the license fee must be returned by the department.

(4) The department may, at any time, examine the books of account and the premises of any licensed retailer and otherwise check the retailer's methods of conducting business and the alcoholic content of the beer kept for sale.

(5) A person may not sell beer at retail without a valid license issued under this code.

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