Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Beer and Wine Licenses

Table Wine Distributor's License

16-4-108. Table wine distributor's license. (1) Any person desiring to sell and distribute table wine or sacramental wine at wholesale to retailers under the provisions of this code shall apply to the department of revenue for a license to do so and shall submit with the application the annual license fee of $400. The department may issue licenses to qualified applicants in accordance with the provisions of this code.

(2) All table wine distributors' licenses issued in any year expire on June 30 of that year at midnight.

(3) A license fee may not be imposed upon table wine distributors by a municipality or any other political subdivision of the state.

(4) The license must be at all times prominently displayed in the place of business of the table wine distributor.

(5) An applicant must have a fixed place of business, sufficient capital, the facilities, storehouse, and receiving house or warehouse for the receiving, storage, handling, and moving of table wine in large and jobbing quantities for distribution and sale in original packages to other licensed table wine distributors or licensed retailers. Each table wine distributor is entitled to only one wholesale table wine license, which must be issued for the distributor's principal place of business in Montana. A duplicate license may be issued for one subwarehouse only in Montana for each table wine distributor's license. The duplicate license must at all times be prominently displayed at the subwarehouse. A table wine distributor may also hold a license to sell beer at wholesale but may not hold or have any interest, direct or indirect, in any license to sell beer, table wine, or liquor at retail.

(6) If the applicant is a foreign corporation, the corporation must be authorized to do business in Montana.

(7) As used in subsection (1), "distribute" has the meaning provided in 16-3-218.

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