Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Licensing Criteria

Application -- Investigation

16-4-402. Application -- investigation. (1) Prior to the issuance of a license under this chapter, the applicant shall file with the department an application containing information and statements relative to the applicant and the premises where the alcoholic beverage is to be sold as required by the department.

(2) (a) Upon receipt of a completed application for a license under this code, accompanied by the necessary license fee, the department of justice shall make a thorough investigation of all matters relating to the application. Based on the results of the investigation or on other information, the department shall determine whether:

(i) the applicant is qualified to receive a license; and

(ii) (A) the applicant's premises are suitable for the carrying on of the business;

(B) the applicant is qualified to receive a license prior to a determination that the applicant's premises are suitable for carrying on with the business in accordance with 16-4-417; or

(C) if the applicant has already been issued a license, the proposed premises are suitable for the carrying on of the business.

(b) This subsection (2) does not apply to a catering endorsement provided in 16-4-111 or 16-4-204(5), a retail beer and wine license for off-premises consumption as provided in 16-4-115, or a special permit provided in 16-4-301.

(c) For an original license application and an application for transfer of ownership or location of a license, the department of justice's investigation and the department's determination under this subsection (2) must be completed within 90 days of the receipt of a completed application. If information is requested from the applicant by either department, the time period in this subsection (2)(c) is tolled until the requested information is received by the requesting department. The time period is also tolled if the applicant requests and is granted a delay in the license determination or if the license is for premises that are to be altered, as provided in 16-3-311, or newly constructed. The basis for the tolling of the deadline must be documented.

(3) (a) Upon proof that an applicant made a false statement in any part of the original application, in any part of an annual renewal application, or in any hearing conducted pursuant to an application, the application for the license may be denied, and if issued, the license may be revoked.

(b) A statement on an application or at a hearing that is based upon a verifiable assertion made by a governmental officer, employee, or agent that an applicant relied upon in good faith may not be used as the basis of a false statement for a denial or revocation of a license.

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