Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 11. Direct Shipment Endorsements -- Table Wine

Requirements For Direct Shipment Endorsements -- Fee -- Labeling -- Taxes -- Recordkeeping

16-4-1102. Requirements for direct shipment endorsements -- fee -- labeling -- taxes -- recordkeeping. (1) A winery licensed or registered under 16-4-107 shall before shipping table wine directly to an individual in Montana:

(a) remit an annual direct shipment endorsement fee of $50;

(b) submit to the department a written statement acknowledging that the winery will contract only with common carriers that agree that any delivery of table wine will be made only to an individual in Montana who is at least 21 years of age and who signs a form acknowledging receipt of the table wine; and

(c) receive from the department a direct shipment endorsement.

(2) A shipment of table wine under this part must be conspicuously labeled with the words "Contains Alcohol: Signature of Person Age 21 or Older Required for Delivery".

(3) (a) In addition to maintaining records required under 16-3-411 or 16-4-107, a winery with a direct shipment endorsement shall maintain records of any sales or shipments to an individual in Montana.

(b) The winery shall electronically file a wine tax return and pay the tax required under 16-1-411. The information reported to the department must include the names and addresses of the individual to whom the table wine was shipped and any other information that the department determines is necessary to verify that direct shipment of table wine conforms to the requirements of Title 16. Failure to pay taxes or file the information required in this subsection (3)(b) subjects the winery holding the direct shipment endorsement to the penalties and interest provided for in 15-1-216.

(4) A winery with a direct shipment endorsement shall allow the department to perform an audit of the record of shipments made under 16-4-1101. The shipment records must be retained for 3 years.

(5) If a winery with a direct shipment endorsement uses a bonded wine warehouse to fill table wine orders shipped to an individual in Montana, the winery shall provide written notice to the department of the name and the address of the bonded wine warehouse. The winery is responsible for compliance with this part.

History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 184, L. 2013; amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 29, L. 2019.