Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Investigations

Disposal Of Forfeited Alcoholic Beverages -- Report

16-6-107. Disposal of forfeited alcoholic beverages -- report. (1) If a court or hearing examiner orders the forfeiture of alcoholic beverages under this code or if a claimant to an alcoholic beverage under 16-6-105 or 16-6-106 fails to establish the claimant's right to the alcoholic beverage, the alcoholic beverage in question and the packages in which the alcoholic beverage is kept must be delivered to the department. The department shall determine the market value of each forfeited alcoholic beverage found to be suitable for sale in agency liquor stores and shall pay the amount determined to the state treasurer after deducting any expenses incurred by the department for transporting the forfeited alcoholic beverage to the state liquor warehouse. The alcoholic beverage suitable for sale in an agency liquor store must be taken into stock by the department and sold under the provisions of this code. All alcoholic beverages found to be unsuitable for sale in agency liquor stores must be destroyed by the department.

(2) If an alcoholic beverage is seized by a peace officer, the officer shall report to the department in writing the particulars of the seizure.

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