Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties

Bottle Clubs Prohibited

16-6-306. Bottle clubs prohibited. (1) The operation of alcoholic beverage bottle clubs is prohibited by any individual or entity. A bottle club is defined as any individual or entity maintaining, operating, or leasing premises not licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages in which alcoholic beverages are kept for consumption by members of the public or for the purpose of providing a place for consuming alcoholic beverages by members of the public for a fee or other consideration. For the purposes of this subsection, "consideration" includes but is not limited to a cover charge, the sale of food, ice, mixers, or any other fluids for alcoholic beverages, the furnishing of glassware or other containers for use in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or the expectation of a purchase of a good or service.

(2) Nothing in this section prevents the service or consumption of alcoholic beverages at private gatherings. For the purposes of this subsection, "private gathering" means an event hosted by an individual that is not open to the general public and in which no fee or consideration is charged. The term does not include an event catered by a licensed retailer.

(3) Nothing in this section prohibits a licensed on-premises retailer or concessionaire from opening and serving to patrons 21 years of age or older wine from a sealed bottle brought to the premises by the patron for on-premises consumption. This service may not constitute a violation of 16-3-301 or this section, regardless of whether the licensed retailer charges a corkage fee.

(4) The department may assess a fine of up to $500 against individuals or entities serving alcoholic beverages or allowing consumption of alcoholic beverages in violation of subsection (1) without a license or special permit.

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