Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Tax on Tobacco Products

Tax Meter Machine -- Tax Stamp-Applying Machine -- Purchase Of Stamps

16-11-115. Tax meter machine -- tax stamp-applying machine -- purchase of stamps. (1) The department may authorize any wholesaler of cigarettes licensed under this part to use a tax meter machine to imprint an insignia upon each package of cigarettes imported, sold, or delivered in this state. The insignia must be one approved by the department. Each package of cigarettes imported into or delivered or sold in this state must be marked with the proper insignia of the tax-stamping meter, and any original package of cigarettes so marked may be lawfully possessed and sold within the state by any wholesaler licensed under this part. The department shall supervise and check the operation of the tax meter machines. Before using the machine, the operator of the machine shall take the machine's meter to the county treasurer of the county in which the machine is operated. The county treasurer shall set the meter for the number of packages specified and required by the operator. Prior to setting the meter, the county treasurer shall charge the operator the amount of money proper for the setting, less the expense defrayment provided for in 16-11-114. The county treasurer shall collect this amount in advance unless the department has allowed the purchaser credit as provided in 16-11-117. The county treasurer shall report to the department on forms prescribed by it the name of the licensed wholesaler and the number of packages for which the meter was set and shall forward to the department any amounts collected from the licensee.

(2) (a) The department may authorize a licensed wholesaler to affix tax stamps to packages of cigarettes with a heat-applied machine approved by the department. The department shall supervise and check the operation of the stamp-applying machine.

(b) Tax stamps applied as provided in this subsection must be purchased from the department, and payment for the stamps must accompany the order unless the department has allowed the purchaser to delay payment as provided in 16-11-117.

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