Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Treasury Funds and Accounts

Creation And Abolition Of New Accounts

17-2-106. Creation and abolition of new accounts. (1) Moneys deposited in each fund except the general fund shall be segregated by the department of administration by specific accounts based on source, function, or department. When moneys deposited in the state treasury cannot logically be credited to an existing account or when it is impractical or undesirable for an agency of state government to segregate moneys in its own accounts, the department of administration, in its discretion, may create new accounts consistent with the definitions in 17-2-102. However, the department of administration shall create as few new accounts as practicable.

(2) The department of administration shall periodically examine all accounts and shall abolish or consolidate inactive or unnecessary accounts.

(3) When moneys have been appropriated from several sources for the operation of a state agency, the department of administration may establish an account to receive, hold, and disburse moneys appropriated for the operation of the agency and regulate the transfer of moneys to the account in accordance with the laws governing the expenditure of state moneys.

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