Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Debt Collection Service

Agency Owed Debt To Receive All Money Collected

17-4-106. Agency owed debt to receive all money collected. (1) All money collected by the department on debts transferred to the department by the various agencies, except funds collected under 17-4-103(3), must be deposited to the account or fund of the agency to which the debt was originally owed. A county shall apply a delinquent personal property tax collection by the department to the payment of the taxpayer's most delinquent personal property taxes or portion of the taxes.

(2) Funds collected under 17-4-103(3) must be deposited in an account in the internal service fund for the cost of assistance of debt collection by the department. Funds deposited in excess of the amount appropriated for operation of the debt collection program must be carried forward into the next fiscal year for operation of the debt collection program. Any excess carried forward into the next fiscal year must be used to reduce the designated percentage of the collected proceeds charged to the various agencies.

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