Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Montana In-State Investment

Investment Of Coal Tax Trust Fund In Montana Economy -- Report By Board

17-6-305. Investment of coal tax trust fund in Montana economy -- report by board. (1) Subject to the provisions of 17-6-201(1), the board shall endeavor to invest 25% of the permanent coal tax trust fund established in 17-6-203(6) in the Montana economy, with special emphasis on investments in new or expanding locally owned enterprises. Investments made pursuant to this section do not include investments made pursuant to 17-6-309(2). For purposes of calculating the 25% of the permanent coal tax trust fund, the board shall include all funds listed in 17-5-703(1). The portion of the permanent coal tax trust fund contained in portfolios formerly administered by the Montana board of science and technology development is included in the 25% of the trust fund allocated to the board for in-state investment under this section. This subsection does not prohibit the board from investing more than 25% of the permanent coal tax trust fund in the Montana economy if it is prudent to do so and the investments will benefit the Montana economy.

(2) In determining the probable income to be derived from investment of this revenue, the long-term benefit to the Montana economy must be considered.

(3) The legislature may provide additional procedures to implement this section.

(4) The board shall include a report on the investments made under this section as a part of the information required by 17-7-111.

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