Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Vending Facilities

Operation Of Facilities

18-5-415. Operation of facilities. (1) The department is not subject to any requirements for competitive bidding on state leases or services to the state on vending facilities that are to be made available to certified blind persons or when purchasing initial supplies for the purpose of assisting a blind vendor.

(2) The department may temporarily operate a vending facility administered by the department if there is no certified blind person qualified to operate that facility.

(3) Neither a blind vendor nor the department is required to pay for rent, utilities, janitorial services in accessible public areas, or building maintenance costs for the space occupied by a vending facility on state property. The department may charge a use fee in lieu of rental, on a basis to be determined by the department, in the case of any blind vendor operating a vending facility on state property whose net income for at least 10 of the preceding 12 months has exceeded twice the poverty level income for a nonfarm family of four as determined by the federal government.

(4) The department may purchase, sell, lease, maintain, and manage as necessary the equipment, stocks, and supplies required for the operation of those vending facilities administered as provided for in this part.

(5) The department shall, by rule, provide for appropriate allocation between the department and the blind vendors of liability for the operation of vending facilities operated pursuant to this part.

(6) After consultation with departments that are served by vending facilities subject to this part, the department may take action as necessary to assure the quality of services being provided by blind vendors.

History: En. Secs. 5, 7, Ch. 175, L. 1981.