Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Sale of State Property

Power To Sell State Property -- Proceeds Credited To General Fund

18-6-101. Power to sell state property -- proceeds credited to general fund. (1) The department has exclusive power, subject to the approval of the governor, to sell or otherwise dispose of or to authorize the sale or other disposition of all materials and supplies, service equipment, or other personal property of any kind owned by the state but not needed or used by any state institution or by any department of state government. Upon request, the department shall authorize a state department or entity to donate property to a school district for classroom use pursuant to procedures implemented by the office of public instruction to ensure adequate notice of the availability of surplus state property and equal access and fair distribution of the property to school districts.

(2) Unless otherwise provided by law, the department shall credit the general fund with all money received.

(3) Whenever the personal property was accounted for in an enterprise or internal service fund or designated subfund account, the proceeds of the sale must be credited to the appropriate enterprise or internal service fund or designated subfund account.

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