Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Administration

Administrative Expenses

19-2-408. Administrative expenses. (1) The legislature finds that proper administration of the pension trust funds benefits both employers and members and continues to benefit members after retirement.

(2) (a) The administrative expenses of the retirement systems administered by the board must be paid from the investment earnings on the pension trust fund of the public employees' retirement system's defined benefit plan, except as otherwise provided in this section. The board shall compute the administrative expenses attributable to each retirement system or plan administered by the board and transfer that amount from each retirement system's or plan's pension trust fund to the pension trust fund of the public employees' retirement system's defined benefit plan in a manner that ensures that the public employees' retirement system's defined benefit plan trust fund is fully compensated for expenditures made on behalf of other systems or plans so that there is no actuarial impact on the fund.

(b) The total administrative expenses of the board, including the administration of the Volunteer Firefighters' Compensation Act, may not exceed 1.5% of the total defined benefit plan retirement benefits paid.

(3) For purposes of calculating the percentage specified in subsection (2)(b), administrative expenses do not include:

(a) expenditures to purchase intangible assets for plan administration;

(b) expenses of the defined contribution plan;

(c) expenditures of funds allocated under 19-3-112(1)(b) to the education fund established in 19-3-112(1)(a); or

(d) expenses for an actuarial valuation under 19-2-405(2) performed during the first year of a biennium.

(4) The administrative expenses of the defined contribution plan must be paid, as provided in 19-3-2105, from assets of the defined contribution plan.

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