Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Management and Investment of Pension Trust Funds

Payment Of Contributions By Employers -- Accompanying Reports -- Penalty -- Liability

19-2-506. Payment of contributions by employers -- accompanying reports -- penalty -- liability. (1) The board shall prescribe by rule the procedure for payment of retirement contributions for the retirement systems administered by the board. Each employer shall pick up the employee contributions and remit the employer and employee contributions required by the member's retirement system. Payments must be considered delinquent until both the required contributions and the valid payroll report are received by the board.

(2) The board may collect payments delinquent under subsection (1) with an interest penalty at the rate of 9% a year or $10 a day, whichever is greater. The board may, in its discretion, waive the penalty. The collection may be made by either:

(a) an action in a court of competent jurisdiction against the employer; or

(b) deductions, at the request of the board, from any other money payable to the employer by any agency or fund of the state.

(3) (a) The board shall prescribe by rule the procedure for submitting employer reports. The reports must include data about member and nonmember employees who work for the employer.

(b) The rules must specify the employee categories to be reported, the data required, the method of reporting, the reporting period, and the frequency of reports needed to meet the demands of the relevant retirement system or plan.

(c) The board may establish by rule the penalty fees for noncompliance in reporting any of the required information and the procedure for collection of the fees.

(4) Each employer shall furnish additional information concerning members that the board may request in connection with claims by members for benefits or service under a retirement system.

(5) The board is not responsible or liable for any incorrect reporting or erroneous payment of contributions by an employer.

(6) The board, from time to time, may send materials to an employer for redistribution to employees. To facilitate distribution, each employer shall provide the board with a point of contact responsible for distributing the materials.

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