Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Service Credit

Purchase Of Previous Employment With Employer

19-3-505. Purchase of previous employment with employer. (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, a member who has employment for which optional membership was declined or employment with an employer prior to the employer's contract coverage may file a written application with the board to purchase all or a portion of the employment for service credit and membership service. The application must include salary information certified by the member's employer or former employer.

(2) (a) A purchase under this section is subject to the board's approval.

(b) If the board approves the request, the member shall pay all contributions that the member would have contributed during the period of employment as if the employment had been covered by the retirement system and shall pay the regular interest that would have accumulated on the amount to the time of payment.

(c) The employer shall establish a policy as to the payment of retroactive employer contributions or retroactive employer contributions and regular interest and apply this policy indiscriminately for all employees and former employees. All employee appeals of discrimination are subject to the determination of the board. All successful appeals obligate the employer to pay the employer and employee contributions with accrued interest for that employee filing the appeal with the board. Each appeal must be heard on its individual merits and may not bind the employer to pay all retroactive payments for all former and present employees.

(d) If the employer establishes a policy under subsection (2)(c) of nonpayment, the member shall pay the amount not paid by the employer in order to receive service credit and membership service for the period of employment.

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