Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Eligibility, Membership, and Vesting

Membership -- Inactive Vested Members -- Inactive Nonvested Members

19-5-301. Membership -- inactive vested members -- inactive nonvested members. (1) Except for a judge or justice who elected in writing to remain under the public employees' retirement system on or before October 1, 1985, a judge of a district court, a justice of the supreme court, and the chief water judge or associate water judge provided for in 3-7-221 must be members of the Montana judges' retirement system.

(2) A judge pro tempore is not eligible for active membership in the retirement system.

(3) A member with at least 5 years of membership service who terminates service and does not take a refund of the member's accumulated contributions is an inactive vested member and retains the right to purchase service credit and to receive a retirement benefit under the provisions of this chapter.

(4) A member with less than 5 years of membership service who terminates service and leaves the member's accumulated contributions in the pension trust fund is an inactive nonvested member and is not eligible for any benefits from the retirement system. An inactive nonvested member is eligible only for a refund of the member's accumulated contributions.

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