Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 9. Survivorship Benefits and Death Payments

Payments In Case Of Death Before Retirement

19-7-901. Payments in case of death before retirement. If a member dies before retirement, the member's designated beneficiary may elect one of the following options for which the member qualified and for which the designated beneficiary qualifies:

(1) a lump-sum payment of the accumulated contributions standing to the member's credit at the member's death;

(2) a survivorship benefit equal to 2.5% of the member's highest average compensation for each year of service credit actuarially reduced from age 60 or the date on which the member would have completed 20 years of membership service, whichever provides a larger retirement benefit; or

(3) a survivorship benefit that is no less than one-half of the member's highest average compensation if the board finds that the member died as a direct and proximate result of injuries received in the course of employment.

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