Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 10. Postretirement Benefits and Benefit Increases

Minimum Benefit Adjustment

19-9-1007. Minimum benefit adjustment. (1) The benefits that are paid in each fiscal year to a retired member or the member's survivors and that are not covered by 19-9-1009 may not be less than one-half of the compensation that will be paid to newly confirmed police officers in the current fiscal year in the city or town from which the member retired.

(2) If the compensation of a new police officer who has been confirmed pursuant to 7-32-4113 has not been set for the current fiscal year in time to make minimum benefit adjustments effective July 1, the board shall make any retroactive adjustments necessary to individual minimum benefits after the current compensation has been determined.

(3) If more than one dependent child is entitled to benefits under this section by virtue of the death of a common parent, the minimum benefit paid to the dependent children under this section must be determined as if there were one dependent child and the benefits must be paid to the dependent children collectively.

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