Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 6. Contributions and Refunds

Deduction Remitted To Firemen's Association -- Member's Contribution

19-13-601. Deduction remitted to firemen's association -- member's contribution. (1) Each employer shall retain from the compensation of each active member a sum equal to 1% of the member's compensation for services as a firefighter and shall remit this amount on a monthly basis to the Montana state firemen's association for the payment of premiums on a group life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy for members and to defray expenses incurred by the association when representing members of the retirement system.

(2) Each member's contribution to the retirement system as a percentage of the member's compensation must be:

(a) 9.5% for a member not covered under 19-13-1010; or

(b) 10.7% for a member covered under 19-13-1010.

(3) If a member receives compensation under the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act, Title 39, chapter 71, the amount received must be included as part of the member's compensation for purposes of determining contributions and service credits under the retirement system. Contributions made under 19-13-604, 19-13-605, and this section must be based on the total compensation received by the member from the employer and from workers' compensation during the period of disability.

(4) Each employer, pursuant to section 414(h)(2) of the federal Internal Revenue Code, as amended and applicable on July 1, 1987, shall pick up and pay the contributions that would be payable by the member under subsection (2) for service rendered after June 30, 1987.

(5) The member's contributions picked up by the employer must be designated for all purposes of the retirement system as the member's contributions, except for the determination of a tax upon a distribution from the retirement system. These contributions must become part of the member's accumulated contributions but must be accounted for separately from those previously accumulated.

(6) The member's contributions picked up by the employer must be payable from the same source as is used to pay compensation to the member and must be included in the member's compensation as defined in 19-13-104. The employer shall deduct from the member's compensation an amount equal to the amount of the member's contributions picked up by the employer and remit the total of the contributions to the board.

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