Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 8. Disability Retirement Benefits

Reinstatement Upon Termination Of Benefit

19-13-805. Reinstatement upon termination of benefit. (1) (a) Except as provided in subsection (1)(c), a member whose disability retirement benefit is canceled as provided in 19-13-804 must be reinstated to the position held by the member immediately before the member's retirement or to a position in a comparable pay and benefit category with duties within the member's capacity if an appropriate vacancy exists within the member's fire department. The board shall advise the employer that the disability retirement benefit has been canceled and that the inactive member is eligible for reinstatement to duty. The fact that the member was retired for disability may not prejudice any right to reinstatement to duty that the inactive member may have or claim to have.

(b) If an appropriate vacancy does not exist within an inactive member's fire department when the member's disability benefit is canceled under 19-13-804, the member's benefit must be reinstated until a vacancy occurs.

(c) This section does not affect any requirement that the former employee meet or be able to meet professional certification and licensing standards unrelated to the disability and necessary for reinstatement.

(2) The employer may request a medical or psychological review as to the ability of the member to return to work as a firefighter. If the board's findings are upheld, the employer shall pay the costs of the review.

(3) If the inactive member again becomes an active member by returning to active work for an employer within 30 days following receipt of notice under 19-13-804, the member is considered to have been continuously employed during the term of the member's disability. If the inactive member fails to become an active member by returning to active work for an employer within 30 days following receipt of the notice, the member's termination of service is considered to have occurred as of the member's disability retirement date and the retirement benefit, if any, to which the member becomes entitled on the member's service retirement must be determined accordingly.

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