Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 9. Survivorship Benefits and Death Payments

Survivorship Benefit

19-13-902. Survivorship benefit. (1) A member's surviving spouse, if there is one, must receive a survivorship benefit amount as provided in this section. If a member leaves no surviving spouse or upon the death of the surviving spouse, the member's surviving dependent children must collectively receive the same benefit that a surviving spouse would have received under this section. A child may receive a share of the benefit as long as the child is a dependent child, as defined in 19-13-104.

(2) (a) The survivorship benefit paid upon the death of an active member who has completed less than 20 years of membership service is one-half the highest average compensation received by the member.

(b) The survivorship benefit paid upon the death of an active or inactive member who has completed over 20 years of membership service is the benefit amount to which the member was entitled on the date of death.

(3) Benefits provided under this section are subject to the benefit adjustments provided pursuant to part 10 of this chapter.

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