Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Credit For Service As Volunteer Firefighter -- Records

19-17-108. Credit for service as volunteer firefighter -- records. (1) The annual period of service that may be credited under this chapter is the fiscal year. A fractional part of a year may not count toward the service required for participation in this system. To be eligible to receive credit for any particular year, a volunteer firefighter shall serve throughout the entire fiscal year with a single fire company that is organized under Title 7, chapter 33, and continues to meet the requirements of 19-17-109.

(2) The years of service are cumulative and need not be continuous. Separate periods of service properly credited with different fire companies must be credited toward a member's eligibility for benefits.

(3) A volunteer firefighter may not receive credit for service during any fiscal year unless:

(a) during the fiscal year, the volunteer firefighter completes a minimum of 30 hours of training in firefighting duties as outlined in 19-17-105 under a formal program that has been formulated, supervised, and certified to the board by the chief or designated official of the fire company; and

(b) the volunteer firefighter's participation in the training program is documented in the fire company's records maintained pursuant to 19-17-111 by the chief or designated official.

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