Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Administration of Fund

Administration Of Chapter

19-17-201. Administration of chapter. (1) The board is the trustee of all money collected under this chapter and has exclusive control of the administration of the pension trust fund except as otherwise provided by law.

(2) The board shall deposit in the state treasury all amounts received by it as provided in this chapter.

(3) The state treasurer is the custodian of the pension trust fund, subject to the control of the board for the administration of the fund and the board of investments for the investment of the fund.

(4) The board shall review the benefits provided under this chapter and recommend to the legislature those changes in benefits that may be available for retired members and their beneficiaries.

(5) (a) Disputes regarding credited years of service must be resolved, either by staff of the board and the member or by the board prior to the commencement of the retirement or disability benefit.

(b) Payment of the benefit will be retroactive to the month following the month the retirement application was received by the board.

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