Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administration of System

Duties And Liability Of Employer

19-20-208. Duties and liability of employer. (1) Each employer shall:

(a) (i) each month, report the name, social security number, time worked, and gross earnings of each employed member; and

(ii) pick up the contributions of each employed member at the rate prescribed pursuant to 19-20-602 and 19-20-608; and transmit the contributions to the executive director of the retirement board;

(b) transmit to the executive director of the retirement board the employer's contributions prescribed by 19-20-605 and 19-20-609, at the time that the employee contributions are transmitted;

(c) keep records and, as required by the retirement board, furnish information to the board that is required in the discharge of the board's duties;

(d) upon the employment of a person who is required to become a member of the retirement system, inform the person of the rights and obligations relating to the retirement system;

(e) each month, report the name, social security number, time worked, and gross earnings of each retired member of the system who has been employed in a position that is reportable to the retirement system pursuant to 19-20-731;

(f) whenever applicable, inform an employee of the right to elect to participate in the university system retirement program under Title 19, chapter 21; and

(g) at the request of the retirement board, certify the names of all persons who are eligible for membership or who are members of the retirement system.

(2) An employer that fails to timely or accurately report the employment of, time worked by, or compensation paid to a retired member as required under subsection (1)(e) is jointly and severally liable with the retired member for repayment to the retirement system of retirement benefits paid to which the member was not entitled, plus interest.

(3) An employer shall submit a wage and contribution report to the retirement system every month, including for any month in which the employer does not pay compensation reportable to the retirement system.

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